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LeAnn Rimes Reveals Her Trendy Bikini Pictures Via Twitter

Monday, September 10th, 2012

self shooting bikini photos of LeAnn Rimes on twitter

Check out the sexy candid photos of LeAnn Rimes in tiny bikinis on this week’s smoking hot celebrity photos from Homemade Celebrity Porn! The country singer and hitmaking celeb tweeted a bunch of her photos in a tight little bikini and I must say, LeAnn Rimes still has an incredible body even if her career is non-existent nowadays. Don’t worry girl, even if you haven’t made any hit songs in the past decade we will still love you… as long as there’s hot and sexy photos just like these!

homemade bikini photos of celeb cougar LeAnn Rimes

You’d be surprised on how hot LeAnn Rimes while in various little bikinis and the whole Twitter world was raving over them. I don’t know exactly how old this singing celeb is, but for someone who made hit songs in the 90s, this celeb must be ancient. Well, ancient or not the hot bikini photos of LeAnn Rimes just proves that she’s still kicking it. Her body is just tight and all those tiny bikinis just look perfect on this pop music celebrity. Just don’t mind the face tho’.

self shot bikini pics of cougar celeb LeAnn Rimes

What? I’m not being mean! I’m sure LeAnn Rimes herself knows she’s not exactly one of the hottest faces in Hollywood. Good thing this hitmaking celebrity has a good body, because that fugly face won’t cut it. Actually, her smoking hot body on all these bikini photos make her look hot in some special and weird kind of way. These photos of LeAnn Rimes boobs and butt in teeny bikinis does make your eyes believe that she is actually beautiful. Wow, she should have thought of these years ago! If you want to see smoking hot self shot and homemade celebrity scandals of LeAnn Rimes and other naughty Hollywood stars, head on over at Homemade Celebrity Porn!

Chloe Mafia is a lap dancing hooker

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Chloe Mafia

Way to put the ‘X’ in X-Factor. Then again, what else is a trashy contest going to attract but a piece of trashy skank? Featured in this raunchy video is Chloe Mafia, a contestant on the British reality show X-Factor who turned out to be a street hooker. You guys might think bad of selling sex for money, but if there’s any slut out there who’ll take my dollar, I’ll definitely say please to Chloe Mafia here.

Chloe Mafia

She’s a right slut, but she’s a sexy one too. I’ll pay her any amount just so she can replay this sexy lap dance on my cock, while she grinds her pussy lips on my shaft. Don’t say you’re not imagining the same thing after you’ve seen Chloe Mafia stripping and dancing for the camera! This whore has me hooked! Er, no pun intended.

And you can see Chloe Mafia does her job like a professional. She grinds her way down to the man’s pants, and if the guy didn’t explicitly tell her to keep her distance, she would have leapt at his stiffy and given her the best deepthroating only a hooker could give.

Chloe Mafia

So if you think there’s nothing to be gained from watching X-Factor but a bunch of weirdos being auto-tuned and shit, there’s always rare sluts like Chloe Mafia filling the stage with her sexy lap dancing routine.

Sheneka Adams’ deepthroating is legendary

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Sheneka Adams

Leave it to a ghetto girl to show you how to suck. Suck cock, that is. Hiphop model (fuck me if I knew what that is) Sheneka Adams shows her oral skills in this short, but sweet sex video with a black dude who apparently is getting the best blowjob a black chick can get you.

Sheneka Adams

Now I know black dudes have some of the most insanely huge fuck shticks out there, so I can really appreciate what a damn good job Sheneka Adams’ deepthroating is. You can tell the dude is having the time of his life; he’s shoving his cock deep in her throat I’m surprised Sheneka’s not gagging and pulling back.

If this hot chick gave me that kind of blowjob, I might not last one minute and blow my cum straight into her fucking intestines. Sheneka Adams will probably enjoy it though, and eagerly suck on my dick for what’s left of the jizz not yet clinging at the back of her talented throat.

Sheneka Adams

If I did good giving you the sales pitch, here’s the product then: Sheneka Adams’ awesome blowjob video.

Mina Iordanidou’s hardcore sex video

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Mina Iordanidou

This is the second time we’re featuring cunts from the glorious land of Greece and let me tell you, these horny bimbos want nothing but Olympic-sized cocks stuffing their mediterranean minges to give them the big O.

Mina Iordanidou

Our second slut from the Greek archipelago is Mina Iordanidou, who you might not really need to know is a model. Modeling must’ve bored her or she wouldn’t have agreed to star in this hardcore sex video where she gets pounded not just by one long, meaty schlong, but by two! And you can tell Mina is enjoying herself when you hear her moaning with the cock still in her mouth. This bitch is so horny you’ll see her open her mouth wide for a sticky facial; you can really tell she feels blessed by the gods when she pulled back the guy’s underwear to find that footlong shtick.

Mina Iordanidou

Mina Iordanidou’s body language is giving me a hard case of nostalgia for Shauna Sand; she’s practically mirroring her old habits here in this tape, but you won’t ever hear me complaining. Just seeing this hot hocunt in her heels and getting her pussy invaded rough is making me want to take a trip down all these celebrity sex tapes we’ve ever featured and do a marathon! Hey, you never get to say that everyday, so why not do it now?

Sabrina Sabrok’s sextape

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010


If you’re a huge fan of huge tits and homemade sextapes, then let me tell you you’re one lucky fucker today because we bring you the best of both worlds. One of the most hottest celebrities in Argentina with knockers larger and juicier than watermelons, Sabrina Sabrok, just recently made a sextape with her rocker-like boy toy and it’s not something you would want to miss!


Sabrina Sabrok sextape shows the blonde sex-crazed vixen groping her double-D tits while the horny fucker starts licking her dripping wet cunt. She then returns the favor by sucking the guy’s already rigid cock before getting on all fours to get her juices pumped out hard and rough while her huge breasts bounce along every deep thrust. Trust me, it’s a seriously hot and steamy homemade action you’d want to whack off to!


Ke$ha’s topless and cumshot scandal

Sunday, July 11th, 2010


Not too long ago, it was Hayley Williams who showed her tits to the Twitterworld. This time around, it’s the punk rock wannabe chick Ke$ha with the topless pic flying all over the internet. Looks to me it’s either a trend or a strategy to sell their albums.


I’ve always thought Ke$sha was one nasty wild rebellious chick, I just never knew she really didn’t have a sense of shame. Seen here in these pics is Ke$ha’s topless scandal. You don’t actually see her nipples ‘coz she’s covering them with both hands but what you can see clearly is a puddle of man juice on her ribs. Stay classy Ke$ha!


Cuabana Lust’s sex tape

Sunday, June 27th, 2010


When people quote the saying, you are what you eat, it doesn’t necessarily run true. However, in Cuabana Lust’s case, the saying you carry your name is proven to be exactly true by her and she carried it all the way to the bedroom. Seen in these screenshots is Cuabana Lust’s sextape that shows the smoking hot ebony chick in all her naked glory riding this lucky bastard’s cock in bed.


Look at that damn fuckable juicy ass grinding that hard stick ‘til orgasm. I’ve always lusted over Cuabana Lust’s ass as much as the next ass-loving dude and you can’t blame us shit for that. Her booty motions are so insane you can feel pre-cum in your pants just by thinking how good it feels to ass fuck her and spray your jizz all over her silky golden brown skin.


Luna Maya’s sex tape with boyband member

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010


Asian chicks and digital cameras sure do get along together perfectly don’t they? Take this Indonesian TV celebrity Luna Maya’s sex tape scandal. This was the first-ever sex scandal caught on tape in the history of Indonesia. It shows the asian nymph getting fucked by her boyfriend, a lead member of the band Peter Pan.


Luna Maya’s sex tape shows her completely naked tits getting warmed up by her boyfriend before she returns the favor using her mouth to such his dick. She looks at the camera seductively while romancing the cock and rubbing it in her hands. She then takes it in her tight asian pussy as her pussy juice gets pumped out. The video ends with her galloping ontop of his dick to ecstasy.


Ophelie Marie’s sex tape with her boyfriend

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010


Ohhh I love the French. And I blame it mostly on this big-tittied French Playboy model Ophelie Marie’s sex tape. When you see a woman with beautiful curves and wet shaved pussy it drives you nuts, what more seeing them in hot fucking action?

Seen here in the sex video is Ophelie Marie sucking her boyfriend’s cock while holding it firmly in her hands like she’s hungry for it. Ofcourse she is. All whores love cocks. She then sits on his cock and rocks her hips back and forth like a pro before he flips her pver while she lays on her back and takes every hard pound like a bitch in heat!


Samantha Robson sex scandal

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Samantha Robson playing with her tits

Now before you ask, who’s Samantha Robson exactly? Let me first give you some details about this celebrity. Samantha’s a British actress famous for playing the lead character of the TV series The Bill. She has also been part of other television projects. This 44-year-old actress have maintained a squeeky-clean image throughout her career until she got in the middle of a sex scandal.

Samantha Robson playing with her tits

If you’re expecting to see some hardcore sex in this vid, well then it might disappoint. There wasn’t really any sex in Samantha’s tape; just her in her birthday suit. She was videotaped by a lover after hitting the shower. Upon realizing this, she quickly covered herself up with a towel, but eventually played along and fondled her nice tits. Well, just go ahead and watch the entire Samantha Robson scandal right here.