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Mina Iordanidou’s hardcore sex video

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Mina Iordanidou

This is the second time we’re featuring cunts from the glorious land of Greece and let me tell you, these horny bimbos want nothing but Olympic-sized cocks stuffing their mediterranean minges to give them the big O.

Mina Iordanidou

Our second slut from the Greek archipelago is Mina Iordanidou, who you might not really need to know is a model. Modeling must’ve bored her or she wouldn’t have agreed to star in this hardcore sex video where she gets pounded not just by one long, meaty schlong, but by two! And you can tell Mina is enjoying herself when you hear her moaning with the cock still in her mouth. This bitch is so horny you’ll see her open her mouth wide for a sticky facial; you can really tell she feels blessed by the gods when she pulled back the guy’s underwear to find that footlong shtick.

Mina Iordanidou

Mina Iordanidou’s body language is giving me a hard case of nostalgia for Shauna Sand; she’s practically mirroring her old habits here in this tape, but you won’t ever hear me complaining. Just seeing this hot hocunt in her heels and getting her pussy invaded rough is making me want to take a trip down all these celebrity sex tapes we’ve ever featured and do a marathon! Hey, you never get to say that everyday, so why not do it now?

Laure Manaudou naked homemade porn pics

Sunday, August 1st, 2010


Laure Manaudou is a French Olympic, and world champion swimmer who retired from her passion for swimming. It wasn’t long after we discovered she went to wade into the shallow waters of homemade porn, and I must say these pics are explicit as it is insanely boner-inducing.


Seen here is Laure Manaudou’s leaked naked pics showing her posing entirely naked infront of the cam while she plays with her sweet moist pussy and perky tits. Look at how she spreads her legs wide to expose her beautiful shaved cunt, a true calling of a hardcore slut. Fix your eyes on her amazing ass and delicious beaver from the back shot, do you feel like you need to rub one out? Well, you’re not the only one. I’d let my boys swim all over that hot ass when I get the chance!


Ke$ha’s topless and cumshot scandal

Sunday, July 11th, 2010


Not too long ago, it was Hayley Williams who showed her tits to the Twitterworld. This time around, it’s the punk rock wannabe chick Ke$ha with the topless pic flying all over the internet. Looks to me it’s either a trend or a strategy to sell their albums.


I’ve always thought Ke$sha was one nasty wild rebellious chick, I just never knew she really didn’t have a sense of shame. Seen here in these pics is Ke$ha’s topless scandal. You don’t actually see her nipples ‘coz she’s covering them with both hands but what you can see clearly is a puddle of man juice on her ribs. Stay classy Ke$ha!


Russian Spy Anna Chapman naked hardcore pics

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Anya Chapman collect

Back then, I didn’t quite get the fascination about Russian spies some directors in the movies have that portray them…’til now. Because now this shit just got real and judging by the latest news about the latter, they are telling us that those Russian spies aren’t your typical sleek motherfuckers who wear dark sunglasses and a neatly ironed suit, these Russian spies could be anyone from your friendly neighbor Ted to that sex-crazed loving bitch who kept grabbing your crotch at that bar the other night before.


I’m talking about these latest Anna Chapman naked pics that has been flying over the internet, who would’ve thought that a Russian spy could be one horny-ass sex kitten in the sack? In these pics, you can see Anna Chapman naked in the bed showing her juicy tits while in the other pic, it shows her taking a pic infront of the mirror while covering her huge rack with her arms. But nothing could get my cock fired up now than seeing the last pic where it shows Anna Chapman’s nipples being punched by a nipple clamp. Now tell me if they’re going to make a movie out of Anna Chapman’s sex-crazed life and you can see me more sure at the premiere.


Luna Maya’s sex tape with boyband member

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010


Asian chicks and digital cameras sure do get along together perfectly don’t they? Take this Indonesian TV celebrity Luna Maya’s sex tape scandal. This was the first-ever sex scandal caught on tape in the history of Indonesia. It shows the asian nymph getting fucked by her boyfriend, a lead member of the band Peter Pan.


Luna Maya’s sex tape shows her completely naked tits getting warmed up by her boyfriend before she returns the favor using her mouth to such his dick. She looks at the camera seductively while romancing the cock and rubbing it in her hands. She then takes it in her tight asian pussy as her pussy juice gets pumped out. The video ends with her galloping ontop of his dick to ecstasy.


Vietnamese singer Yen Vy’s sex tape with her boyfriend

Sunday, June 13th, 2010


What is it with these asian chicks and the frequency of sex tapes that are released every other week? And to think that they’re stereotyped as shy and conservative? To hell with that because there’s nothing shy about Vietnamese singer Yen Vy’s sex tape with her boyfriend.


I have to admit it’s true what they say about asian dudes wieners though but that’s not really the issue at hand here. I’m talking about Yen Ivy’s pussy getting fucked good in her leaked sex tape. The tape shows her lying down fully naked while getting her tight asian pussy fucked to the core by this lucky bastard. I don’t know about you but when I see an asian chick’s hairy pussy getting ploughed deep, it gives me a major hard-on.


Yan Feng-Jiao leaked naked lesbian pics

Sunday, May 30th, 2010


Gawd damn these asian sex kittens and their bushy cunts. Why is that everytimeI see a sex scandal lately, some asian chick is involved. Take Yan Feng-Jiao for example. I haven’t seen a pussy that hairy since Demi Moore’s pussy in her vintage Playboy spread. But this is better!


Not only do you see Yan Feng-Jiao’s pussy in different angles, you also see another hot naked asian check in the bed with her. Because one naked asian with a tight pussy isn’t enough for you, huh? We don’t really get to see what happened next but hopefully, we’ll see a Yan Feng-Jiao lesbian scandal pretty soon!


Nicola Holt Threesome sex video

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010


Oh my my my…it’s not just one hard cock but two shoved in this hot Big Brother UK star’s wet love holes. It’s becoming more and more obvious that Big Brother is harboring celebrity sluts with sex tapes and I should say I have seen a great deal of these whores’ sex video but Nicola Holt’s sex video is by far the most explicit and dirtiest of them all.


The sex tape features the wild nymphomaniac sucking one of these horny studs’ cock. She puts it in her mouth and like a pro, deepthroats it all the way down to his balls. Next, she rides the cock where you will see her grinding her ass to get her pussy walls filled with the cock while she sucks the other guys’ cock. Then comes the hardcore scene where Nicola Holt’s pussy and ass gets rammed to high hell. Hot damn this British slut sure knows how to work her stacked body and two holes as she gets double penetration before these two horny as fuck studs shoot their full load on her face.


Miss Commerce Hongkong Zhang Ji Si leaked naked pics

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010


Even if Miss Commerce Hong Kong beauty, Zhang Ji Si explained to the pageant authorities that these leaked naked pics of her is art, they refused to view these hot erotic pictures from her viewpoint.

2Let’s see. Let me help you guys out here. There’s only one way to really tell if these naked pictures are art or porn and I need your cooperation. Fix your eyes and focus on Zhang Ji Si’s bushy pussy and exotic tits. Now look away. If it didn’t do anything for you, it’s art. But if these leaked naked pics just made you want to zip your pants down and fuck a hole in the wall, then that’s porn!