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Lady Gaga Strips Down To Her Undies And Sent Pics Of It Via Twitter

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Lady Gaga posted her thong underwear in Twitter

Honestly, these sex Lady Gaga snaps on today’s edition of Homemade Celebrity Porn made me think she got arrested at some crack den and a couple of her mugshots were leaked to the media. I mean just look at these slutty snapshots of Lady Gaga while just in her yellow bra and thong knickers. She looks wasted and ready to blow. I really didn’t give much attention to it until I saw this pop music sensation’s sweet butt in that thong knickers!

Lady Gaga posted her skanky thong covered butt in Twitter

The beautiful ass cheeks photos of Lady Gaga made me forget that this lecherous celeb looks like she slept out in the gutter and on her way to be a junkie. They are just plump and damn worthy to spank! Apparently these snaps of the chart topping singer targets her critics for her weight gain. The sensational Poker Face hit maker also tweeted that she’s been struggling from eating disorders her whole childhood. Which is not a total shock especially in Hollywood. But enough of that serious talk, let’s go back at her delicious ass!

Lady Gaga posted her bras and thong pics on twitter

Lady Gaga’s hot protest pictures just proves her critics right. She had gained weight. Fortunately, every ounce of fat went to this celebrity’s ass cheeks! Amazing, how can someone so skanky have such a beautiful ass! If you like this pictures of Lady Gaga in her undies, there’s more slutty star photographs and videos of Hollywood stars to enjoy inside Homemade Celebrity Porn!

Alison Pill Must Not Apologize For Her Bare Boob Tweet Picture Fail

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Homemade Celebrity Porn brings us these bare boobed self shot photographs of Alison Pill which the younger screen idol accidentally tweeted. These photographs had been taken at theyounger celeb’s home and it is stil blurry if they had been intended to be seen by her fiancee Jay Baruchel. Frankly, I don’t care. It was actually good that she made this epic Tweet photo fail, we now have reasons to rave something about her alongside Alison Pill’s acting. Just look at these topless photos of Alison Pill and you’ll surely forget about her fugly face.

Alison Pill hude booby photos leaked

I think this blonde movie actress was just stirring up some PR thing for her career, which is good, evidently about 14,000 of this celeb’s fans were treated to a booby flash. The actress quickly removed the pic, however it was too late. Today everyone knows just how perky Alison Pill’s breasts are andthis girl fiancee is definitely lucky. He now focus on those delicious star tits while giving her gal a wild romp. But aces to this blonde film and TV star’s fast and calm handling of the otherwise sensational event. She admitted that was her and apologized for it. You don’t need to lady! Your titty tweet photos are among the best things that ever happened. Now, I have valid reasons to jerk off while I have you in mind.

horny topless photos of celebrity alison pill

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Kat Dennings’ tits are finally on screen

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Kat Dennings

I remember Kat Dennings as Norah in the movie Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist wherein she plays a teenage daughter of a wealthy record producer. And even under those layers of clothing she had on in the movie, her immaculate boobs stood out.

Kat Dennings

Fortunately, because those huge bazongas of hers weren’t given any screen time, Dennings made sure the entire world would be able to worship and praise those glorious pair of chesticles by leaking these topless pictures of her over the internet. And we are all assholes if we didn’t give those infinitely massive boobies attention worthy of their presence. So why don’t we all go into the perv-mode and start massaging and rubbing our hard penises at these images of her hooters.

Kat Dennings

Imagine being able to fondle and lick and suck her tits. Athough what I’d really love to do is a mean hardcore tittyfuck fest. Come on now, Kat Dennings, squeeze those boobs closer together. More, more more!

Jenna Lewis is a cock-sucking slut

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Jenna Lewis

Survivor star Jenna Lewis already had a plan in mind when she was cast out of Survivor: Borneo – star in her own sex tape. And thank God she needed that to launch herself to the fame game.

Jenna Lewis

In the 42 minute sex tape the hot reality star sucked cock, fingered her wet cunt and enjoyed a long oral from her husband Travis Wolfe. I’m telling you, this video gave me 3 reasons to blow a shitload of cum in my pants. It’s surprising Jenna wasn’t gagging and pulling back as her husband sunk his cock deeper into her throat, but I guess his dick wasn’t that big anyway, which maybe pushed Jenna to finger fuck herself instead. But this New Hampshire native doesn’t feel complete until her man gives her cunt a fucking liplock. You can tell from her pleasured moans how much she enjoyed her man’s tongue go up and down, in and out of her wet pussy. And I know all you horndogs are just wishing your girlfriend would let you french kiss their vaginas just like Jenna Lewis does.

Jenna Lewis

So how can you not love a reality star turned TV host who obtained instant celebrity status by starring/directing/selling her own sex tape online? I know I do. Way to go, Jenna! We’ll be waiting for more cock-sucking fuck fest videos from you!

Keeley Hazell’s legendary blowjob

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Keeley Hazell

All these Page 3 girls have, of course, three things in common: one, they are a bunch of hot glamour models; two, they’re willing to pose topless for a national magazine; and three, they give the most awesome blowjobs ever. Well, I don’t know if all of them really do an awesome blow but I know one who does: Keeley Hazell.

Keeley Hazell

This 24-year-old former hairdresser looks just as hot as ever when she started modeling almost 8 years ago. In this sex tape featuring her and former boyfriend Lloyd Miller, we see how she takes her own sweet time down under. I can say her oral skills are way above average, since she’s not stifling or even pulling back as her ex shoves his penis deep in that blonde’s throat. If you don’t believe me, then see for yourself in this video of Keeley Hazell sucking her man off.

Keeley Hazell

If this sexy model gave me that kind of oral action, I would gladly return her the favor by blowing all my juice into that sweet face. And I know just how much she loves cum – just look at her swallowing all the manjuice she was able to suck out.