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Lady Gaga Strips Down To Her Undies And Sent Pics Of It Via Twitter

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Lady Gaga posted her thong underwear in Twitter

Honestly, these sex Lady Gaga snaps on today’s edition of Homemade Celebrity Porn made me think she got arrested at some crack den and a couple of her mugshots were leaked to the media. I mean just look at these slutty snapshots of Lady Gaga while just in her yellow bra and thong knickers. She looks wasted and ready to blow. I really didn’t give much attention to it until I saw this pop music sensation’s sweet butt in that thong knickers!

Lady Gaga posted her skanky thong covered butt in Twitter

The beautiful ass cheeks photos of Lady Gaga made me forget that this lecherous celeb looks like she slept out in the gutter and on her way to be a junkie. They are just plump and damn worthy to spank! Apparently these snaps of the chart topping singer targets her critics for her weight gain. The sensational Poker Face hit maker also tweeted that she’s been struggling from eating disorders her whole childhood. Which is not a total shock especially in Hollywood. But enough of that serious talk, let’s go back at her delicious ass!

Lady Gaga posted her bras and thong pics on twitter

Lady Gaga’s hot protest pictures just proves her critics right. She had gained weight. Fortunately, every ounce of fat went to this celebrity’s ass cheeks! Amazing, how can someone so skanky have such a beautiful ass! If you like this pictures of Lady Gaga in her undies, there’s more slutty star photographs and videos of Hollywood stars to enjoy inside Homemade Celebrity Porn!

Alison Pill Must Not Apologize For Her Bare Boob Tweet Picture Fail

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Homemade Celebrity Porn brings us these bare boobed self shot photographs of Alison Pill which the younger screen idol accidentally tweeted. These photographs had been taken at theyounger celeb’s home and it is stil blurry if they had been intended to be seen by her fiancee Jay Baruchel. Frankly, I don’t care. It was actually good that she made this epic Tweet photo fail, we now have reasons to rave something about her alongside Alison Pill’s acting. Just look at these topless photos of Alison Pill and you’ll surely forget about her fugly face.

Alison Pill hude booby photos leaked

I think this blonde movie actress was just stirring up some PR thing for her career, which is good, evidently about 14,000 of this celeb’s fans were treated to a booby flash. The actress quickly removed the pic, however it was too late. Today everyone knows just how perky Alison Pill’s breasts are andthis girl fiancee is definitely lucky. He now focus on those delicious star tits while giving her gal a wild romp. But aces to this blonde film and TV star’s fast and calm handling of the otherwise sensational event. She admitted that was her and apologized for it. You don’t need to lady! Your titty tweet photos are among the best things that ever happened. Now, I have valid reasons to jerk off while I have you in mind.

horny topless photos of celebrity alison pill

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British Beauty Kelly Brook’s DIY Bikini Pictures

Monday, August 6th, 2012

kelly brook nude private photos.

Brit model and actress Kelly Brook is a liar, a simply stunning liar to be exact. This ex- Playboy model, UK TV personality, runway model, swimsuit fashion designer and all around cam whore said it more than once, that she will not get caught on camera doing raunchy things while at the beach. This includes going topless, shaking her cleavage and frolicking in scrimpy sexy bikinis resulting to nipple slips and camel toe photos. But alas, here is another set of kinky bikini pictures of Kelly Brook.

kelly brook and her homemade sexy photos.

The ironic thing is, these racy snapshots aren’t candid pictures of Kelly which were taken by the paparazzi. Surprisingly, these are diy and homemade photographs taken using her digicam and mobile phone. Kelly Brook’s homemade sensuous pictures were taken in a handful of locations and numerous random beaches. This just proves that she just can’t resist showing off her delicious big knockers. Now Kelly, it’s all right, we don’t mind you lying. You can lie to us all you want as long as you keep dishing out toasty and raunchy bikini photos for us to enjoy.

kelly brook self-shot boob photos.

If really you think of it, Kelly Brook’s wonderful titties are becoming more famous than her. This Uk personality is synonymous to bikini and her big hooters and dudes are inclined to Google Kelly Brook’s boobies or Kelly Brook’s two-piece pictures rather than just her name. We can’t blame them, her overwhelming natural knockers and eye candy cleavage in a bikini are simply magnetic.

Heather Morris LEAKED phone pics

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

heather morris leaked phone pics

You have to agree with me that real men watch Glee. And if you’re like me,I won’t mind the episodes’ stories. We all share the same thing and that is how we fantasize on those girls—including that dumb blonde cheerleader played by Heather Morris. I have to admit that I just love the parts when they sing and dance…Heather being the most skillful dancer of them all,sways her ass and entire body oh so fine. If you’re kind of tired seeing Heather in the same old cheerleader outfit, then check out her picture above as Heather Morris flaunts herself wearing only her undies. Wish you’d see Heather Morris naked? Then scroll down..

Heather Morris naked pics

Is this a dream come true or what? Thank goodness for today’s technology. What may seem to be a personal accessory can be easily hacked if not taken care of. And that’s what happened to this Glee star. Heather Morris took pictures of herself using her camfone mostly in tempting poses but lo and behold…the hacker has successfully dug up hidden naked pictures of Heather Morris! Mmmm look at that boob..don’t you just wish she’s on top of you in that picture and gently suck her pink nip?

heather morris nude body exposed

It may seem to be narcissistic for Heather Morris to always take snapshots of herself like these…but who cares? She’s got the beauty and the body all worth dying for (not that I want to die now). When we watch Glee, we all wish we have some sort of a pair of x-ray glasses as we watch Heather dance and sway so lustful…hoping to see what’s underneath her skimpy Cheerio outfit. Great job,Mr.Hacker! Now we get to enjoy all of Heather Morris leaked naked pictures!

Miley Cyrus ready to leak a sex tape soon

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Miley Cyrus

What else do you expect from today’s wild teen stars in skanky outfits waving their scantily-clad booties on stage? The official sex tape! And seeing as how the Queen Slut of them all just tore off her last ounce of innocence, we all should be waiting for Miley Cyrus’ sex tape any minute now.

Miley Cyrus

But while waiting for it, Miley has given us a sexy teaser with these pictures of her in her underwear. You’d want to just yank that piece of shirt off her chest and start massaging those perky tits which obviously is not protected by any padding at all since her nipples are shamelessly poking the fabric. Or the one where she shows a bit of her cleavage and a lot of that green colored bra she has. If you want the world to see your assets, why still try to hide them? That’s all we want from you, anyway.

Miley Cyrus

Then again, we might be getting a call from Child Protection Services if she had exposed that lovely pair of chesticles out in the open so early. So I guess it’s a good thing we waited, who knows, she might be listening to our pleads this time and stop belting out show tunes and start stripping on our laps instead?

Lindsay Lohan in even more scandals!

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Lindsay Lohan

As if she doesn’t already have enough on her plate to deal with, here are pics of Lindsay Lohan allegedly sucking face with Paris Hilton just to screw her over some more. I say alleged, because LiLo’s face is too damn effed up in the photos to recognize her, but still, a little prod with your imagination and it’s all good to go, yeah?

Lindsay Lohan

But whatever anybody says, I still believe it’s Lindsay in these kinky lesbian pictures. If you squint long enough, you’ll see the unmistakable signs. One, the heavy-lidded eyes from excessive partying and little sleep. Two, the little dots on her arms that could either be her freckles or nasty puncture marks from doing the bad shit. And the biggest giveaway here is she’s locked lips with a fellow skank/fuckup/celebrity trash so hard it’s like she’s trying to hog Paris Hilton’s share of coke out of her damn mouth. But counting out all of the bad things in her life (which I just so conveniently enumerated), it’s still Lindsay Lohan, a hot redhead engaged in a sexy girl-on-girl action like it’s her private business! I wouldn’t say no to that.

Lindsay Lohan

I just hope Lindsay Lohan patches herself up so she can be sober enough to start working on her celebrity sex tape that will finally push her life out of this rut. Of course I’m concerned about her! And the sex tape! Don’t forget the sex tape!

DJ Basshunter has wild, ecstatic sex with a slut

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

DJ Basshunter

Another day, another male celebrity sex tape. This time it’s Swedish meatball Jonas Altberg, more known to his fans as the record-scratching DJ Basshunter. This time though, he’s not scratching out tunes but an itch in the cock area, using a hot European slut’s cunt to rub it off.

DJ Basshunter

I hear this set of leaked pictures of DJ Basshunter having hot sex is the result of an ecstasy-fueled night with the hot ho, and you know hitting that kind of shit up with a willing hottie ends up in an orgy filled with hot, sweaty cocksucking, pussy pounding, and cum harvesting that ends up an all-nighter.

DJ Basshunter

We should thank Basshunter for these hot pics too, because now we know which chick to hook up with if ever wanted a night of hot, European-style sex. Just look for the girl with the dragon tattoo on her crotch and stick your Swedish meatballs right up in there! DJ Basshunter certainly did in his steamy sex photos, so you should too!