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Adriana Lima’s face sprayed with cum

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Adriana Lima

There’s another thing that added to the reasons why I decidedly am in love with Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima. She gives a fucking stunning blowjob.

Adriana Lima

In these leaked fuck pictures of her, this sexy Victoria’s Secret Angel gave the cameras the perfect fuck face, while getting her shaved pink cunt banged hard. Her moans were off the roof, and she proves what every man keeps on wondering about these VS Angels – they can fuck you like hell. And with Adriana Lima’s case, she doesn’t just offer her pussy for your cock to cum into, her face is all yours for the taking.

Adriana Lima

After a hard bang, Adriana practically begs for the cock in her mouth and gives it a mean suck-and-blow before asking her guy to spray her a facial. It was just a perfect way to cum – on an angel’s face, no less.

Mina Iordanidou’s hardcore sex video

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Mina Iordanidou

This is the second time we’re featuring cunts from the glorious land of Greece and let me tell you, these horny bimbos want nothing but Olympic-sized cocks stuffing their mediterranean minges to give them the big O.

Mina Iordanidou

Our second slut from the Greek archipelago is Mina Iordanidou, who you might not really need to know is a model. Modeling must’ve bored her or she wouldn’t have agreed to star in this hardcore sex video where she gets pounded not just by one long, meaty schlong, but by two! And you can tell Mina is enjoying herself when you hear her moaning with the cock still in her mouth. This bitch is so horny you’ll see her open her mouth wide for a sticky facial; you can really tell she feels blessed by the gods when she pulled back the guy’s underwear to find that footlong shtick.

Mina Iordanidou

Mina Iordanidou’s body language is giving me a hard case of nostalgia for Shauna Sand; she’s practically mirroring her old habits here in this tape, but you won’t ever hear me complaining. Just seeing this hot hocunt in her heels and getting her pussy invaded rough is making me want to take a trip down all these celebrity sex tapes we’ve ever featured and do a marathon! Hey, you never get to say that everyday, so why not do it now?

Julie Alexanderatou Sex Tape

Sunday, July 25th, 2010


You got to love a sweet-faced sexy chick who enjoys milking a cock and taking all the jizz in her hungry mouth.We all do. That alone is the reason you would love Julia Alexandratou sex tape. This blonde sex kitten is so wild you will see her trying to fist her whole mouth before putting the champagne bottle in her sweet succulent pussy.

Watch Julia Alexandratou’s naked body grinding against this lucky motherfucker’s cock like a pro. She enjoys it so much that she turned and went for the reverse cowgirl position before she got on her knees and sucked this guy’s fat uncircumcised cock., Watch her on her knees as the guy shoots a jizzload inside her mouth. What a fuckin’ sight!


Marilyn Renata Severo sex tape

Sunday, July 18th, 2010


If there is one thing we all should know about Latinas, aside from the fact that they’re probably 70% of the world’s beautiful women population is the fact that they can take any cock in all their holes no matter the size, because latina chicks like Marilyn Renata Severo is are the ultimate bombshells in the sack.


Seen here in Marilyn Renata Severo sex tape is the latina sexy kitten getting her juicy cunt fucked by a huge thick cock. It shows Marilyn Renata Severo’s pussy stretched while she rides this snake of a hard cock while grinding her hips. After getting fucked doggiestyle, the wild whore puts the monster cock in her sultry mouth while she sucks it as deep down her throat before a fuckin’ hot facial.


Aleksandra Ivanovskaya sextape

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Aleksandra Ivanovskaya, Miss Russia 2006

Aleksandra Ivanovskaya, or better known as Miss Russia 2006, always had some sweet and innocent flair in her, which seemed to be what endeared her to the judges of the beauty competition and to general public. Aleksandra was just 16 years old when she won the title. But this young Russian celebrity has already made a controversy despite her young age. Well, sources claimed she starred in a homemade porn flick, and here are the screencaps.

Aleksandra Ivanovskaya sextape

In the sextape, you would see Aleksandra stripping naked in front of the camera. Soon after, an unidentified man goes down on her, licking and stroking her young pussy with his fingers. Also, you’d find how good of a cocksucker this girl is, as she was also taped giving the man a blowjob. And of course, the hardcore sex followed, leading to the man giving Aleksandra a facial with his cum.

Aleksandra Ivanovskaya sextape

Fans and supporters of Aleksandra condemned those who leaked the tape, and defended that the person in the vid isn’t Aleksandra, but someone who looks just like her. Well, you be the judge. So, drop by here to watch the entire Aleksandra Ivanovskaya sextape.