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Russian Spy Anna Chapman naked hardcore pics

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Anya Chapman collect

Back then, I didn’t quite get the fascination about Russian spies some directors in the movies have that portray them…’til now. Because now this shit just got real and judging by the latest news about the latter, they are telling us that those Russian spies aren’t your typical sleek motherfuckers who wear dark sunglasses and a neatly ironed suit, these Russian spies could be anyone from your friendly neighbor Ted to that sex-crazed loving bitch who kept grabbing your crotch at that bar the other night before.


I’m talking about these latest Anna Chapman naked pics that has been flying over the internet, who would’ve thought that a Russian spy could be one horny-ass sex kitten in the sack? In these pics, you can see Anna Chapman naked in the bed showing her juicy tits while in the other pic, it shows her taking a pic infront of the mirror while covering her huge rack with her arms. But nothing could get my cock fired up now than seeing the last pic where it shows Anna Chapman’s nipples being punched by a nipple clamp. Now tell me if they’re going to make a movie out of Anna Chapman’s sex-crazed life and you can see me more sure at the premiere.