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Nicole Marie Lenz is a pussy-eating slut

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Nicole Marie Lenz

No wonder we are running out of hot supermodels to actually date in person. They’ve all gone lesbians! Just look at these leaked photos of Nicole Marie Lenz eating another chick’s spread pussy.

Nicole Marie Lenz

But really, come on, who doesn’t get turned on when two women get it on? I know I do. The moment they kiss each other’s lips ravenously, rub their hands all over each other’s boobs, slide their hips faster and faster, as they rub their cunts together and then lick each other’s wet juice just makes me want to butt in and sink my dick into those tight holes. And with two women in the room, you can even go as far as having your dick sucked by two lips, if you know what I mean.

Nicole Marie Lenz

But if they won’t let me take part, that’s perfectly fine. As long as I still get to see all the action I’m good. That’s why I’ll be storing these fuck pictures of Nicole Marie Lenz eating lesbian pussy for years to cum come.

Lindsay Lohan in even more scandals!

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Lindsay Lohan

As if she doesn’t already have enough on her plate to deal with, here are photos of Lindsay Lohan allegedly sucking face with Paris Hilton just to screw her over some more. I say alleged, because LiLo’s face is too damn screwed up in the photos to recognize her, but still, a little prod with your mind and it’s all good to go, yeah?

Lindsay Lohan

But whatever anybody says, I still believe it’s Lindsay in these kinky lesbian pictures. If you stare long enough, you’ll see the unmistakable signs. One, the heavy-lidded eyes from hard partying and little sleep. Two, the little dots on her arms that could either be her freckles or nasty puncture marks from doing the bad shit. And the biggest giveaway here is she’s locked lips with a fellow skank/fuckup/celebrity trash so hard it’s like she’s trying to hog Paris Hilton’s share of coke out of her damn mouth. But counting out all of the bad things in her life (which I just so conveniently enumerated), it’s still Lindsay Lohan, a hot redhead engaged in a sexy girl-on-girl action like it’s her private business! I wouldn’t say no to that.

Lindsay Lohan

I just hope Lindsay Lohan patches herself up so she can be sane enough to start working on her celebrity sex tape that will finally push her life out of this rut. Of course I’m concerned about her! And the sex tape! Don’t forget the sex tape!

Yan Feng-Jiao leaked naked lesbian pics

Sunday, May 30th, 2010


Gawd damn these asian sex kittens and their bushy cunts. Why is that everytimeI see a sex scandal lately, some asian chick is involved. Take Yan Feng-Jiao for example. I haven’t seen a pussy that hairy since Demi Moore’s pussy in her vintage Playboy spread. But this is better!


Not only do you see Yan Feng-Jiao’s pussy in different angles, you also see another hot naked asian check in the bed with her. Because one naked asian with a tight pussy isn’t enough for you, huh? We don’t really get to see what happened next but hopefully, we’ll see a Yan Feng-Jiao lesbian scandal pretty soon!