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Jessica Simpson massive MILF boobs

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

jessica simpson big tits

I have to admit…Jessica Simpson still looks fuckable even if she gained a little weight after giving birth. I’ve been eyeing on her since her teeny singing years and I have seen her full potential to be one hot-assed MILF in years to come. And I am so right! Just check out the picture above which shows Jessica Simpson’s ginormous pair of boobies.

Jessica Simpson big boobies

Moving a bit closer would be like being the first astronaut to land on the moon. And here we are hitting the big spot as we zoom in closer to these pair of big juggs of Jessica Simpson. I know how you love to squeeze them with your hands and munch on them like cinnamon muffins. How would you like to get your penis crushed in between these two breasts?

jessica simpson blowjob mouth

Now this looks like a perfect POV angle as Jessica Simpson sets her mouth to be BJ-ready. Imagine giving Jessica Simpson a titty fuck and your cock extends up to her mouth. See the pic above right there! You can then jizz right on her glasses afterwards.