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Wendy Zapletalova sex scandal

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010


Now here’s something BBW-lovers might whack off to. Wendy Zapletalova’s sex pics have been doing the rounds lately and it shows the chubby nymph sucking a stiff cock before getting her creamy cunt fucked senseless. Ofcourse like any other self-disrespecting whore, it first starts off with her just being a raunchy camwhore, allowing this horny bastard to take a pic of her lying on the bed with only her undies on. After the sleazy poses, she gives the dude’s cock a good hard stroking before she puts it all in her mouth.


The other pics show Wendy Zapletalova naked and lying on her back as she gets her pussy juice pumped out by this dude while she fondles her bouncy round tits to add more sexual sensation. I’m not really much into BBW chicks but seeing these Wendy Zapletalova sex pics are making my dick rock hard.


Cuabana Lust’s sex tape

Sunday, June 27th, 2010


When people quote the saying, you are what you eat, it doesn’t necessarily run true. However, in Cuabana Lust’s case, the saying you carry your name is proven to be exactly true by her and she carried it all the way to the bedroom. Seen in these screenshots is Cuabana Lust’s sextape that shows the smoking hot ebony chick in all her naked glory riding this lucky bastard’s cock in bed.


Look at that damn fuckable juicy ass grinding that hard stick ‘til orgasm. I’ve always lusted over Cuabana Lust’s ass as much as the next ass-loving dude and you can’t blame us shit for that. Her booty motions are so insane you can feel pre-cum in your pants just by thinking how good it feels to ass fuck her and spray your jizz all over her silky golden brown skin.


Jasmyne Arcieri’s sex tape

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010


Now this is one wild whore you can add to your list of the greatest sex scandals to watch. If it’s a dirty explicit skin-to-skin wild fucking you want, it’s Jasmyne Arcieri’s sex tape you definitely want to see. When this smokin’ hot Latina chick sucks a cock, she really throws herself into it and opens her mouth wide to accommodate the thickness of it.


To her a blowjob is no task, it’s something she loves to do before laying on the bed to get her pussy ploughed deep by this guy’s rock hard man meat. Jasmyne Arcieri’s pussy gets an orgasmic sensation when she rubs a dildo on her clit while getting rammed in a spooning positiong. Then she does the hottest thing on earth that a girls does in bed, rides the dick while moaning like a dirty wild whore. And if that imagine alone isn’t enough to make you want to fuck a whole in the wall, she gets a hot creampie where she rubs it all over her pussy.


Luna Maya’s sex tape with boyband member

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010


Asian chicks and digital cameras sure do get along together perfectly don’t they? Take this Indonesian TV celebrity Luna Maya’s sex tape scandal. This was the first-ever sex scandal caught on tape in the history of Indonesia. It shows the asian nymph getting fucked by her boyfriend, a lead member of the band Peter Pan.


Luna Maya’s sex tape shows her completely naked tits getting warmed up by her boyfriend before she returns the favor using her mouth to such his dick. She looks at the camera seductively while romancing the cock and rubbing it in her hands. She then takes it in her tight asian pussy as her pussy juice gets pumped out. The video ends with her galloping ontop of his dick to ecstasy.


Vietnamese singer Yen Vy’s sex tape with her boyfriend

Sunday, June 13th, 2010


What is it with these asian chicks and the frequency of sex tapes that are released every other week? And to think that they’re stereotyped as shy and conservative? To hell with that because there’s nothing shy about Vietnamese singer Yen Vy’s sex tape with her boyfriend.


I have to admit it’s true what they say about asian dudes wieners though but that’s not really the issue at hand here. I’m talking about Yen Ivy’s pussy getting fucked good in her leaked sex tape. The tape shows her lying down fully naked while getting her tight asian pussy fucked to the core by this lucky bastard. I don’t know about you but when I see an asian chick’s hairy pussy getting ploughed deep, it gives me a major hard-on.


Ophelie Marie’s sex tape with her boyfriend

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010


Ohhh I love the French. And I blame it mostly on this big-tittied French Playboy model Ophelie Marie’s sex tape. When you see a woman with beautiful curves and wet shaved pussy it drives you nuts, what more seeing them in hot fucking action?

Seen here in the sex video is Ophelie Marie sucking her boyfriend’s cock while holding it firmly in her hands like she’s hungry for it. Ofcourse she is. All whores love cocks. She then sits on his cock and rocks her hips back and forth like a pro before he flips her pver while she lays on her back and takes every hard pound like a bitch in heat!