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Yan Feng-Jiao leaked naked lesbian pics

Sunday, May 30th, 2010


Gawd damn these asian sex kittens and their bushy cunts. Why is that everytimeI see a sex scandal lately, some asian chick is involved. Take Yan Feng-Jiao for example. I haven’t seen a pussy that hairy since Demi Moore’s pussy in her vintage Playboy spread. But this is better!


Not only do you see Yan Feng-Jiao’s pussy in different angles, you also see another hot naked asian check in the bed with her. Because one naked asian with a tight pussy isn’t enough for you, huh? We don’t really get to see what happened next but hopefully, we’ll see a Yan Feng-Jiao lesbian scandal pretty soon!


Nicola Holt Threesome sex video

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010


Oh my my my…it’s not just one hard cock but two shoved in this hot Big Brother UK star’s wet love holes. It’s becoming more and more obvious that Big Brother is harboring celebrity sluts with sex tapes and I should say I have seen a great deal of these whores’ sex video but Nicola Holt’s sex video is by far the most explicit and dirtiest of them all.


The sex tape features the wild nymphomaniac sucking one of these horny studs’ cock. She puts it in her mouth and like a pro, deepthroats it all the way down to his balls. Next, she rides the cock where you will see her grinding her ass to get her pussy walls filled with the cock while she sucks the other guys’ cock. Then comes the hardcore scene where Nicola Holt’s pussy and ass gets rammed to high hell. Hot damn this British slut sure knows how to work her stacked body and two holes as she gets double penetration before these two horny as fuck studs shoot their full load on her face.


Miss Commerce Hongkong Zhang Ji Si leaked naked pics

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010


Even if Miss Commerce Hong Kong beauty, Zhang Ji Si explained to the pageant authorities that these leaked naked pics of her is art, they refused to view these hot erotic pictures from her viewpoint.

2Let’s see. Let me help you guys out here. There’s only one way to really tell if these naked pictures are art or porn and I need your cooperation. Fix your eyes and focus on Zhang Ji Si’s bushy pussy and exotic tits. Now look away. If it didn’t do anything for you, it’s art. But if these leaked naked pics just made you want to zip your pants down and fuck a hole in the wall, then that’s porn!


Samantha Robson sex scandal

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Samantha Robson playing with her tits

Now before you ask, who’s Samantha Robson exactly? Let me first give you some details about this celebrity. Samantha’s a British actress famous for playing the lead character of the TV series The Bill. She has also been part of other television projects. This 44-year-old actress have maintained a squeeky-clean image throughout her career until she got in the middle of a sex scandal.

Samantha Robson playing with her tits

If you’re expecting to see some hardcore sex in this vid, well then it might disappoint. There wasn’t really any sex in Samantha’s tape; just her in her birthday suit. She was videotaped by a lover after hitting the shower. Upon realizing this, she quickly covered herself up with a towel, but eventually played along and fondled her nice tits. Well, just go ahead and watch the entire Samantha Robson scandal right here.

Bai Ling topless personal photos

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Bai Ling nude

There are celebrities who demand a great deal before they agree to go naked, like big talent fees, a closed set, no one but the photographer on the shoot, etc. But then, there are others who aren’t very shy sharing their naked bodies to the world. In fact, you’d have to make a great deal with them before you can get them to put their clothes on. The most apt example of this is Bai Ling. Yes, that Asian tit-flasher Bai Ling.

Bai Ling nude

Here we have a bunch of her personal topless photos that leaked on the net. The press release is that they’re stolen, but then again, it’s Bai Ling. I’ guessing she probably is the one who leaked them online. Yeah, for more attention. What else could it be?

Bai Ling nude

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Bobo Chan photo scandal

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Bobo Chan nudes

Here’s another victim of the infamous Edison Chen photo scandal–his ex-girlfriend Bobo Chan. Just like other Hongkong stars, Bobo Chan was humiliated and devastated upon the release of her provocative and explicit nude pictures on the internet.

Bobo Chan nudes

Bobo Chan’s part in the scandal features her posing naked. In some pics she was spreading her legs to reveal her hairy pussy. In others, she was bending over to tease us with her ass. Of course, her small, bare tits also are fully exposed. There are also pictures where she was giving a blowjob to Edison’s hard cock.

Bobo Chan nudes

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